What is OCPP?

A charging station that wants to join the ZAP2GO network must support the Open Charge Point Protocol (OCPP).

OCPP is a communication protocol specially designed for exchanging data between charging stations and charging management systems.

OCPP serves as the backbone of modern electric vehicle charging infrastructure. It's a standardized communication protocol designed to facilitate seamless data exchange between charging stations and charging management systems. In simpler terms, it's the language that allows your EV charger to "talk" to the central system, making charging smarter and more efficient.

Why Does OCPP Matter?

  1. Interoperability: OCPP ensures that charging stations from different manufacturers can communicate effectively. This interoperability is essential in creating a diverse and widespread charging network that accommodates various EV models and charging equipment.
  2. Remote Management: Charging station operators can remotely monitor and manage the entire charging network through OCPP. This capability allows for real-time diagnostics, software updates, and even the ability to adjust charging rates based on demand and grid conditions.
  3. User Experience: For EV drivers, OCPP contributes to a seamless charging experience. It enables functionalities like starting and stopping charging sessions, checking availability, and accessing transaction history through mobile apps or RFID cards.
  4. Scalability: As the adoption of electric vehicles continues to grow, OCPP ensures that charging infrastructure can scale accordingly. New charging stations can easily join existing networks, promoting the widespread deployment of EV charging stations.

ZAP2GO's OCPP Integration

At ZAP2GO, we've embraced OCPP as a cornerstone of our community-driven EV charging network. We believe that OCPP's open standards, interoperability, and remote management capabilities are instrumental in empowering EV owners and creating a thriving charging community.

Charging stations seeking to become part of the ZAP2GO network must support OCPP, ensuring that they can seamlessly connect to our central system. This integration guarantees a user-friendly experience, making it simple for both station owners and EV drivers to participate in our network.

OCPP isn't just another technical term in the world of electric vehicle charging. It's the driving force behind smarter, more accessible, and more efficient charging stations.


Developing web and software products since 2016, Arthur is the developer and writer for ZAP2GO.

Arthur Hoeke