Electric Vehicle Owners Often Overpay for Public Charging

For electric vehicle (EV) owners, predicting the cost of a charging session at a public charging station can be a complex and often frustrating task. This lack of transparency in pricing has led to unnecessary overpayments, according to advocacy groups. These organizations are calling for increased clarity to aid consumers in making informed choices.

Rates for electric charging at public charging stations can vary significantly. Without prior research, EV owners may find themselves paying as much as 70 cents per kilowatt-hour at a random charging station, while the most affordable rate at that very station might be just 30 cents per kilowatt-hour.

Locating the most cost-effective charging point can be a daunting challenge. The tariff depends on several factors, including the charging station operator, the charging pass you use, and the municipality in which you find yourself.

Depending on your charging pass you can uncover the pricing through a website or app. Some charging passes offer a fixed rate at every charging station, but this rate is often far from the cheapest option. Then there are passes and apps that employ a flexible rate, varying from station to station. As a result, the price at a charging station just 200 meters away may be significantly higher.

The lack of transparency in pricing poses a significant hurdle for EV owners seeking cost-effective charging solutions. Advocacy groups emphasize the need for greater clarity and standardized pricing structures to ensure that electric vehicle owners are not left in the dark when it comes to the cost of powering their vehicles. Increased transparency in pricing will undoubtedly empower consumers and promote the growth of electric mobility.

The solution

ZAP2GO aims to solve this problem by providing users clarity via the in-app interface. Users can view the rates for each charging station in the area before deciding where to plug in. No more surprises, no more overpayments – just straightforward pricing information. Whether you're on a cross-town journey or exploring a new city, the ZAP2GO app helps you locate nearby charging stations. This ensures that EV owners can make informed choices about where to charge their vehicles.

Article source: NOS.nl


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