ZAP2GO is Now Available on Android

After three months of development, ZAP2GO has officially launched on the Android Play Store! ZAP2GO empowers EV owners to rent out their home chargers, fostering collaboration within the EV community while generating passive income.

Seamless Charging with ZAP2GO

Getting started with ZAP2GO is super easy. Simply download the app, sign up and browse the available charging stations in your vicinity.

Listing Your Charger

Are you an EV charger owner? ZAP2GO invites you to list your charger for rental, and the best part is, it's entirely free! No setup costs, no hidden fees—just a straightforward way to make your charger available to the community. Take control of your charger's availability and pricing with the ZAP2GO app. Easily adjust your rates and scheduling to suit your preferences, all done via the app.

OCPP Integration: Powering the Future of Charging

For a charging station to become part of the ZAP2GO network, it must support the Open Charge Point Protocol (OCPP). OCPP is a communication protocol designed to facilitate data exchange between charging stations and charging management systems. This integration enables communication between your charging station and the ZAP2GO platform.

Discover ZAP2GO's Key Features

🔌 Seamless Charging: Connect, start, and monitor your charging sessions from within the app.

🌐 OCPP Compatibility: ZAP2GO seamlessly integrates with OCPP 1.6, ensuring fluid communication between your charging station and management system.

🗺️ Location Services: Easily locate nearby charging points and view rates.

💳 Wallet System: Load your wallet and charge your EV. Enjoy peace of mind that only the available wallet balance can be used for charging, preventing unexpected and excessive costs.


Developing web and software products since 2016, Arthur is the developer and writer for ZAP2GO.

Arthur Hoeke