In the world of electric vehicles, efficiency and connectivity are paramount. Aflen EV chargers, equipped with Open Charge Point Protocol (OCPP) support, are leading the charge in creating a seamless charging experience. These chargers not only offer high-quality charging but also enable effortless integration into networks like ZAP2GO. Let's dive straight into how Aflen's OCPP-supported chargers make EV charging simpler and more accessible.

Aflen EV Chargers and OCPP Support

Aflen's commitment to innovation and user-centric design shines through in their EV chargers, which come equipped with support for the Open Charge Point Protocol (OCPP). OCPP is a standardized communication protocol that plays a pivotal role in the seamless integration of charging stations into larger charging networks. For Aflen, this means their chargers can effortlessly connect to the ZAP2GO network, opening up a world of possibilities for EV owners.

Multiple Connecting Options

Connecting your Aflen charging station to the ZAP2GO network, you need to first download the ZAP2GO app on your mobile device. After downloading, create an account and select 'My chargers'. You will now be able to select your charger, and initiate the setup process. There are two options on how to configure OCPP:

Option 1: MyEve App

  1. Log in to the MyEve App: Begin by downloading the MyEve app, available on both the PlayStore and the AppStore.
  2. Add Your Charging Station: If you haven't already, add your Aflen charging station to your account within the app. Ensure that your charging station is connected to the internet via Wi-Fi or Ethernet.
  3. Access Charger Status: Navigate to the charger status screen and open the options tab.
  4. OCPP Control Panel: Look for the OCPP control panel. (Please note that not all chargers may support OCPP. The OCPP button should be visible for compatible chargers.)
  5. Configure OCPP: Set the necessary OCPP parameters and save your settings. Your Aflen charging station will automatically restart and establish a connection with the ZAP2GO network.

Option 2: Aflen ACE Service Installer

  1. Download ACE Service Installer: Visit the Aflen website and download the Aflen ACE Service Installer software. Please note that this software is compatible with Windows operating systems.
  2. Launch Aflen ACE Software: Open the Aflen ACE software and navigate to the 'Connectivity' tab.
  3. Add a New Back Office System: Click on the option to manually enter backend settings.
  4. Select Connection Method: Choose the appropriate connection method based on how your charging station is connected to the internet.
  5. Choose OCPP Version: Under 'Protocol', select OCPP version 1.6.
  6. Save and Restart: Click 'Save' at the bottom right of the screen and restart your Aflen charging station.

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